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Considerations of Co-packing Your Baked Snack Goods


Outsourcing your baking production requirements to a co-packer (also known as a contract

manufacturer) means you can take advantage of an existing set-up. You can focus on

producing, marketing/branding, and selling your product(s) without having to invest and operate a production facility in which you:

  • May not possess the expertise to operate a manufacturing operation;

  • The required capital (automation, equipment, and staff);

  • The exposed risks;

  • Not being able to focus on marketing/branding and selling which on their own take time,

  • effort and expense to perform properly.

Co-packing is also an ideal solution for starting with a small MOQ (minimum order quantity), or one-off projects to test the products in the marketplace. Therefore, the advantages of co-packing include:

  • Can start with smaller MOQs;

  • Increases scalability;

  • Reduces costs; 

  • Use another manufacturer’s existing equipment and certifications;

  • R & D support;

  • Ingredients and packaging can be included which saves time seeking and negotiating such products;

  • Use the experience and expertise of a well-established manufacturer.

However, outsourcing to a co-packer requires putting your trust in another company’s

production capabilities and meeting your specific formulation, finished product, and standards.

But during the process, it’s the co-packer’s responsibility to meet or even exceed your expectations. For this reason, you should do your due diligence, obtain testimonials and work with a contract manufacturer who has the necessary experience and certifications to undertake the production and packaging of your product. 


Nutri-Bake Inc is a privately owned, agile, and operated North American based manufacturer of nutritional Baked Snacks with a strong focus on Baked Protein Bars, Specialty Drop Cookies, and all types of healthy snacks for over 16 Years Nutri-bake is located in a suburb of Montreal, Canada, ideal for a turnkey manufacturer due to its central location, low energy, and labor costs.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is HACCP-certified and FDA-registered. For information communicate with us at USA/CANADA 1 855 933-5937

Other countries Tel: +1.450.933.5936

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