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Producers of your Extraordinary
Healthy Baked Products

~Family owned and operated~


Nutri-Bake Inc is a Privately owned and operated, well established, Montreal based manufacturer of nutritional Baked Snacks with strong focus on Baked Protein Bars, Specialty Drop Cookies, Muffins, and many other types of healthy snacks produced with or without your formula(s). For over 15 Years, Nutri-bake has been working with white/private label customers throughout North America and beyond. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Nutri-Bake's passion is headed By President/CEO Peter Tsatoumas who is trained as a professional chef with a master’s degree in baking who received his journeyman certification and his inter-provincial gold seal in 2000. He brings over 20 years of his passion and love for baking and blending that with his other passion nutrition and healthy eating for optimum health. He is known by his clients as very flexible and an innovator who can adapt to any specific formula you challenge him with...for almost any baked product. 

Nutri-Bake will not only earn your business but to retain it. Whether you are a large marketing company or a small start- up, every customer is equally important to the success of our company.

Nutri-Bake stands for high quality nutritional baked goods that push all flavor combinations not to compromise taste; we buy the freshest natural and nutritious ingredients from all over the world to be on the cutting edge floor only the best for our customers who join our family.

Today, our loyal & repeat customers are located throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. Whether you are in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania, we are your trusted partner when it comes to producing your private-label bar. If your company is located in the European Union, you will be able to import your private- label bars duty-free under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) signed between the European Union and Canada.

We are presently evaluating the establishment of a U.S. production facility (North-East) to better serve our American clients/accounts. More on this at a later date.


Your recipe 

This Is How We Do It
Nutri-bake logo with slogan.jpg



Nutri-Bake manufactures a variety of specialty baked foods and specialty pastries including: 

∙‌‌Protein/ Energy Bars (various capabilities) 

∙‌‌Protein Brownies 

∙‌‌Cookies of many sorts 



∙‌‌Various compound coatings & trimmings and Butters  

Belgian chocolate, Yogurt Coatings, Fruit coatings and others) 

∙‌‌Certified Organic and Kosher Ingredients for any type of bakery application 

∙‌‌Home Made Nut Butters  (Peanut- Almond-Sunflower-Cashew ) 



We have an easy 3 step process for our co-packing business: 


Step 1: Initial email Review & Sign the NDA 


Step 2: Discuss desired baked Products ), quantities, packaging and formulation. 


Fill-out questionnaire. 

Step 3: R&D and production Samples for testing  and evaluation until fully refined and ready to Launch  

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Our Production Capabilities - Our Machinery

Nutri-bake logo with slogan.jpg


1) What type of baked products do you make? 

Baked Protein bars, granola bars, muffins, sugar-free cookies, and biscotti.

2) Do you offer recipe formulation and testing or is the client responsible to bring a ‘finished recipe’ with complete testing already completed?

We offer our R&D capabilities and/or you can provide your own proprietary formulation.

3) What are your minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

25,000 units

4) What certifications do you have? (i.e., Gluten Free? Non GMO Project Verification? Organic)?

We have Kosher and Non-GMO Good Manufacturing Practices (PCP) for now.

5) Will you source the ingredients for me, or do I need to purchase them and handle that supply chain myself?

We can do either ─ your choice! 

6) What are your lead times from the date that a purchase order is placed?

12 Working Days

7) Is your facility quality control certified? If so, which certifications?

Yes! HACCP & SFCR certified

8) Are you able and willing to grow with us? If I’m ordering at your minimum order quantity now, how big can I get with you? Is there a ‘ceiling’ with you?

Absolutely! We do encourage this. Our maximum capacity now is 200,000 units per month.

9) Do you provide support on FDA compliant package creation? Will you ensure that my packaging meets the legal requirements for sale in the United States? 

With clients in the US, we do have an FDA producer number/certification (posted in this website).

10) Will you help in finding the best package supplier for my products? What about for shipping?

We can undertake both on your behalf.

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