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Protein Bar Co-Packing in Canada: What Is It? How Does It Work and What are the Pros & Cons?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

If you are considering private label for your protein bar or other nutritious baked good, there are many elements to consider in your decision-making process.

First off, "private label" is defined as products which are manufactured by one company (outsourced to a "contract manufacturer" or "co-packer") for sale under the brand name of another company, often a retailer or wholesaler. Thus, brand owners use third party manufacturers to produce their goods.

There are several synonyms for "private label" including "private brand", "retailer brand", "store brand", "own brand", or "white label". Manufacturers of private label are called contract packers or manufactures, co-packers, co-manufacturers, suppliers or vendors.

For a retailer, a private label retains its customers by virtue of its quality and price. For a wholesaler, the focus is on sales, distribution and brand building.

A private label should be completely anonymous so that customers are unaware that the work is outsourced.

Outsourcing your private label protein bars and other healthy baked snacks has many potential benefits including.

  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to save money in several ways. By outsourcing the production of your candy and snack foods, you won't have to buy or rent a production facility, or the equipment needed to manufacture your food items, saving you tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars and you won’t have to hire and train staff in production.

  • Quality Control: When it comes to food production, a manufacturer must abide by strict current federal and local regulations. By outsourcing your protein bar manufacturing, the producer assumes responsibility for adhering to these mandated standards, taking that burden off you.

Even though contract manufacturing for private label protein bars provides benefits to your business, it also has some potential risks including:

  • Loss of Control: When you outsource protein bar manufacturing, you’re giving up control over how your products are produced. Although you can still make suggestions about how you would like your food products to be made, the company you entered into a contract with will ultimately decide how your products will be manufactured.

  • Manufacturing Limitations: Chances are very good that the company you’ve chosen to work with manufactures similar products for other businesses too. This means there’s a chance the company you’ve hired may prioritize the needs of higher volume clients over yours, diverting its resources into producing their food products before manufacturing your candy and snack items during peak production periods. This may result in you not having your products when you need them.

Nutri-Bake Inc. is a Privately owned and operated, well established, Montreal based manufacturer of nutritional Baked Snacks with strong focus on Baked Protein Bars, Specialty Drop Cookies, Muffins, and many other types of healthy snacks produced with or without your formula(s). For over 15 Years, Nutri-bake has been working with white/private label customers throughout North America and beyond. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is HACCP certified and FDA registered. We also do organic products.

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